Company Profile

Novo Brands is a wholesale business focussed on the sourcing, marketing and distribution of new and existing products and brands. We are dedicated to seeking out, establishing and supplying quality innovative products and brands which enhance and add value to people’s lives. Novo Brands wholesales and distributes these products and brands through our retail customer network in combination with an integrated marketing approach targeted at the consumer.

Founded in South Africa in 2006 as a single product, single brand company, Novo Brands now wholesales several local and international brands in different countries. Our products are warehoused centrally and our efficient distribution network and outstanding customer relationships are key to our operation.

Operating and specialising primarily in the following retail categories: outdoor and sporting goods, houseware and cookware, toys and games, and exercise and fitness, we are always looking for other complimentary local and international brands which might want to access the South African market.

In South Africa, our brands are sold through major sport and outdoor retailers as well as through mass retailers and independents. Our head office and distribution centre is based in northern Johannesburg. From there we distribute our products across Southern Africa and abroad.

We pride ourselves on our customer focus and strong service ethic. We are committed to openness, honesty and integrity in all our dealings and are passionate about sourcing, marketing and distributing products which enhance people’s lifestyles.